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Quality comes from specialty
Properly trained personnel can ensure the quality of products and services. The training certificate is used as a quality certificate between you and your customers.
Who do we train? How to train?
Each course is tailored for the following personnel: including operators, designers, quality inspectors and quality managers. In addition, courses can be customized to ensure that the course content is suitable for the needs of the company. You will also decide whether to conduct training courses at the company or at the elpress training facility.
We mainly target the following four target groups:
Electrical equipment staff / installer
Transformer manufacturer
Tram / train manufacturer
Wind power equipment manufacturer

Elpress Network College

Welcome to our online training platform.
Elpress web academy is a new concept of elpress. Here we can easily provide complete basic courses and professional knowledge in many different fields. We can also customize fully digital training, webinars or lectures for your organization.
This means that as a participant in the course, you can complete the course anytime, anywhere and in the most suitable learning environment. Training materials are available online. Like our on-site training, students will receive certificates after the course is completed.
Below is information about our online training courses. If you are interested, you can apply for login details and consult us. Just fill in the form and our training manager will contact you as soon as possible.
You will receive the login information of the learning platform and can choose when and where to complete the training.
The content is the same as our on-site training. Of course, you also obtain the qualification certificate in the same way. The training will take about one hour to complete. You can log in to the learning platform at any time within two weeks.
Price: 145 euros

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