Elpress system

We can meet your requirements for the production volume of standard products, special adaptive features and even new innovations
The elpress system symbolizes elpress' safety and quality guidelines. These principles are reflected in certified solutions, training courses and preventive maintenance in the form of services. The control / certification is completed according to the current elpress control instructions and ISO9001 standard requirements applicable to the relevant tools. Certificates will be issued after certification. All controlled tools are marked with a signed validity label.
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Certification solutions, consulting, academia and services are the essence of the elpress system
consulting service

From development to finished products

All the products you buy from us are manufactured in strict accordance with high quality standards, and most of the production processes are completed in the factory in kramforsh, Sweden. The continuous improvement and investment of new technologies and equipment ensure that our work is efficient, flexible and fast. Thus, we can meet your requirements for the production volume of standard products, special adaptive features and even new innovations.
Terminals and tools
We have a very wide range of products for the use of terminal lugs and straight through connectors suitable for various areas of use, as well as electrical connectors of various sizes. Use suitable tools, and the product is 0.1-1200 mm ²  Available between; In addition, product development and testing are carried out according to current national and international norms and standards.
Elpress system
To achieve a secure connection, we offer Certified Solutions for a combination of cables, terminals, tools, and trained operators. This ensures that you are confident when using our system as a user, and also ensures a secure connection through proper operation of our products.
Customized products
Our R & D department is an important link in the product development process chain. Customized products are an important part of our work. Solving problems for customers while manufacturing profitable products is a special challenge. Through this method, we have also increased our understanding of customer needs. For more information, please contact our technical advisor.

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