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Has been committed to research and development, production and sales of complete electrical connection crimping system

Elpress - a multinational company

Since 1959, we have been committed to the research, development, production and sales of complete electrical connection crimping systems. Elpress group belongs to lagercrantz group AB, including elpress and Abiko business units.
Elpress headquarters and factory are located in kramforsh, Sweden. We also have subsidiaries: elpress GmbH, elpress a/s, elpress as, elpress (Beijing) electrical components Co., Ltd. and elpress Inc. warehouses are set up in Fort Silke, Denmark, Beijing, China and Chicago, USA. Elpress group has about 160 employees.
  • We actively strive to improve the environment.

    Continue to work to achieve environmental protection through the optimal use of resources and thereby reduce emissions and waste. We should strictly abide by the applicable laws. Our products should be designed to minimize their environmental impact, among other things:
    These environmental protection efforts have enabled elpress to pass the ISO 14001 system certification since 2004. Since 2017, elpress has passed the iso14001:2015 system certification.

    environmental policy
    How to realize environmental policy?
    Additives, materials and components that have a negative impact on the environment will be phased out. The design and adjustment of our processes, workplaces and working methods should ensure that activities can be carried out in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment and prevents injury and illness. Information and training are our company's daily activities to enhance the interest of elpress employees in environmental issues, guide personal development and participate in the company's environmental protection work.
    Our suppliers and customers should be affected and choose according to whether they can contribute to the realization of our environmental policies. Our customers should be aware of our company's environmental protection work and serve as our partners to disseminate knowledge and advice to participants in the distribution chain to ensure that our products can be used, stored and handled correctly. We should also continuously evaluate our environmental protection work. In terms of our environmental protection work and its impact on the environment, we should show the transparency of the surrounding environment.
  • Our core values

    Integrity, passion, quality and development.
    In the autumn of 2016, elpress began to work to realize its core values. We recognize that the above four core values permeate the way we behave, treat customers and cooperate with colleagues in our daily work. These four core values are integrity, passion, quality and development. We hope our employees have a sense of participation and responsibility, which is our way to create conditions to provide quality work and products. With consensus and passion in solving customer problems, we can definitely realize our vision. Committed to the realization of core values is a protracted war, which needs continuous development and improvement.
  • Our vision

    It is committed to occupying an important position in the field of electrical connection and professional technology in the global market and becoming a market leader in the designated market segments.
  • Enterprise purpose

    "The business objective of elpress group is mainly to provide qualified materials and knowledge about electrical applications to professional users, and to provide a high level of service and product expertise."
  • Code of conduct

    The overall and long-term goal of elpress group is to build a reliable and responsible company that provides the highest quality products and services for all customers, employees and other business partners.
    Elpress will create added value for its customers, suppliers and employees and contribute to the sustainable development of society.
    In order to achieve this goal, it is required to have a good economic profitability and consider the sharing of the environment and society.
    Elpress actively abides by good business ethics and maintains long-term relationships with our customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders to provide returns to all parties.
    This elpress code of conduct provides an overall framework for our actions and is based on international conventions such as the United Nations Global Compact, the principles of the International Labour Organization, and the OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises.
    It is our basic requirement to respect and abide by international conventions and national laws. This requirement applies to our company and our business partners.
    In order to achieve our long-term goals, we must ensure that our suppliers, customers and business partners operate in accordance with the terms of the elpress code of conduct.

    human rights
    The basic rights of those who produce products and provide services for elpress must be respected in accordance with the provisions of the United Nations Universal Declaration of human rights. People should be respected in professional practice and should not be discriminated against because of race, gender, sexual orientation or political views.
    labor force
    Anti corruption
    international trade
    Trust, passion, quality and development are the values of elpress. These values should permeate our daily work, as well as our cooperation and communication with customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues. Elpress suppliers, customers and business partners must comply with the United Nations Convention on the rights of the child and the national laws of the countries where products or services are produced or provided. The goods and services purchased by elpress shall not involve forced labor. People who produce products and provide services for elpress have the freedom of association and the right to protect the organization.
    Equal employment opportunities should be provided, regardless of race, religion, gender, disability, family background or sexual orientation. Employees should be respected and their dignity maintained. Under no circumstances shall any employee be subjected to corporal punishment or other forms of physical, sexual or psychological punishment, harassment or coercion.
    Working hours and minimum wages must comply with the national legal requirements of the country in which the product or service is produced. We are committed to ensuring that our supply chain strives to maintain a safe and good working environment.
    Elpress is committed to ensuring the implementation of good business ethics and establishing a long-term and trusted relationship with the outside world.
    We comply with the Swedish commercial code issued by the Swedish anti bribery Association (IMM).
    The code aims to guide relevant companies on how to use gifts, remuneration and other benefits in the business field to promote the operation of the company. We do not tolerate and oppose all forms of corruption, bribery or unfair competition.
    During the operation period, elpress will contribute to our long-term sustainable development through proactive environmental protection and sustainable development.
    We actively reduce environmental impacts by managing the consumption of natural resources such as water and energy, minimizing emissions to land and water, and reducing chemicals and industrial waste.
    We always comply with the applicable international trade laws in the country where we do business. Before exporting to objects on the EU or US sanctions list or export control list or signing agreements with business partners in these countries, group management must be consulted and authorized.
    For the updated list of countries, individuals and entities involved in sanctions, please refer to the EU sanctions map, sanctions plan and country information (US Treasury Department). For the list of products related to EU export control, please refer to the list of dual use items.
  • Elpress products are sold all over the world

    Nordic region
    Export / other markets
    In terms of crimping system sales, we are the leader in the Nordic market. Our salesmen have rich experience in the electrical field. They are stationed in kramfosh, sonzwar, Stockholm and Gothenburg respectively. We also have some sales representatives in neighboring countries such as Finland and Norway. Sales in Denmark are managed by our Danish branch. For more detailed contact information, please refer to contact us.
    Our products are sold in more than 60 countries. We are one of the largest crimping system manufacturers in northern Europe. We have branches in Germany, Denmark, China and the United States. Other markets are served through our network of qualified distributors.
    Carsten Mathiesen, Business Area Manager Global Sales
    Since 1959, we have been committed to the research, development, production and sales of complete electrical connection crimping systems.
  • Daniel Tosin, Quality Engineer

    Quality comes from specialty

    For us, quality means continuous efforts to become the best in the industry.

    ISO 9001:2015

    quality policy

    How to implement our quality policy?

    Elpress is qualified to use the transq qualification system

    We firmly believe that knowledge is an important factor to make product quality reach the highest standard, so we unremittingly improve our products, methods and ourselves. With unremitting efforts in improving quality, elpress has passed the ISO 9001 system certification since 1992 and the iso9001:2015 system certification since 2017. Among the core values of elpress, quality is undoubtedly the top priority.
    Your guarantee comes from our cost conscious and rational work. Your safety comes from purchasing the right products of high quality at the right time. You know what you can get from us.
    Our overall quality goal is to surpass all competitors in the market in terms of product and service quality. Our approach is to continuously improve product quality and confirm our ambition in quality work.
    All employees of elpress AB must give priority to quality responsibility in their daily work. The company's management supports all measures aimed at improving quality. When working to ensure the quality of elpress AB, the requirements of ISO 9001 quality standard should be used as a general standard to comply with this quality statement.
    Transq is a joint qualification system and supplier register for the Nordic transport industry. The system is used to obtain information about goods procurement, services and contracts and select suppliers. The system aims to provide a place to collect and share supplier prequalification information, which can save time, resources and administrative work. Examples of Nordic transport organizations using transq include the Swedish transport authority, Norwegian national railway authority, Norwegian national railway, Bothnia high speed railway, mantena, etc.
    Achilles is a leading global enterprise activist focused on supplier information. Achilles completes supplier qualification certification by collecting and verifying supplier information and conducting thousands of audits every year to provide reliable supplier information to purchasers.

    Elpress is qualified to use Achilles power and technology qualification system

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