I have to thread - how should I do this?


Improper thread connection, too many times.

Statements such as "I will continue to perform tightening operations without using washers until I feel good" are inappropriate. It has been proved that using a torque wrench will lead to a percentage error of several percentage points, while "I will continue to perform the tightening operation until I feel good" will lead to a larger percentage error. Our suggestion is:

Always use a torque wrench before determining that the correct torque is achieved. Ensure that the calibration is carried out regularly according to the supplier's instructions.

Use the torque according to the elpress catalogue or the screw manufacturer's specifications.

Always use flat washers to reduce contact friction and hole edge pressure.

Assemble as directed

For special applications, spring washers and flat washers according to DIN 6796 can be used to further increase the force.

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