New CEO of elpress group

Jacob sandwall took over as the new CEO of elpress group and replaced Matthias Osterman

Jacob sandwall took over as the new CEO of elpress group and replaced Matthias Osterman, who has asked to resign after many years of successful work in the company (the last seven years as CEO). With its rich experience in manufacturing, Jacob will become a valuable asset in elpress's continuous growth journey. The CEO replacement was completed on November 15.

As CEO of Matthias, he developed the elpress brand and led the company's expansion in the global market. Now Jacob is the CEO, who is responsible for leading and promoting the sustainable development of the company.

-Having spent 20 glorious years in elpress, this is a wonderful journey. Mattias Ö stman, the outgoing CEO, said that looking back on our common achievements, I am proud and happy because I will meet new challenges from the beginning of the year.

The board recruited within the lagercrantz group and appointed Jakob sandwell, the former CEO of elkapsling group. Jacob is already very familiar with elpress. He held several senior positions in the company from 2014 to 2018.

-We thank Mathias for his successful years at elpress and welcome Jakob as the new CEO. With his valuable leadership skills and strong focus on growth, we believe Jacob is the right person to lead the company forward. Peter baaske, chairman of the board of elpress group, said that Jacob's rich experience and expertise in manufacturing and global markets will become a valuable asset for elpress group's continuous growth journey.

-I took over as CEO of elpress with joy, excitement and firm belief in the future. This is a well run company with a high level of capabilities and a clear market position, and has the right products to transition to a more electrified and sustainable society. Jacobsandwal, CEO of elpress group, said that we will usher in an exciting growth journey, and I look forward to operating and developing with our talented and loyal employees.

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