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Why contact us?
We have the resources to help you ensure the highest quality in the production process.
Why contact us?
We offer you:
We offer you:
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Over the past 60 years, we have been developing, producing and selling complete sets of electrical connection crimping systems. We have professional knowledge, experience and equipment to meet your needs.
• laboratory testing
• problem solving
• technical support
• custom solutions
• on site customer audit and verification

• our development department, which is responsible for drafting proposals according to your wishes
• our production department, which can develop unique customer solutions
• our laboratory, which can assist in:
-Electrical test
-Mechanical test
-Corrosion and environmental testing
In elpress lab, we carry out tests on behalf of our customers.
When receiving the request for hole layout, connection mark size and similar device variants, we will make terminal variants.

Tel:+86 10 59796187
Fax:+86 10 64385279
Technical support:
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TEL:+86 10 59796187
FAX:+86 10 64385279